About us

We are an eager, lean and mean team!

Henrik Moller

Principal Investigator and Company Director. He has over 40 years of experience in applied ecology for efficient and effective wildlife management, conservation, harvest management and pest control. He has dedicated a lot of energy to communication of science findings:

  • • 150+ peer reviewed articles and book chapters (See Henrik’s CV for a full list)
  • • 350+ popular styled articles and information sheets for farmers, managers and the public
  • • 10+ contributions to TV or video films about natural resource management
  • • 50+ media commentaries on issues of conservation and sustainability
  • • Websites, conference & workshops, hui, online forums, teacher resource kits for secondary and primary schools
Henrik Moller.

Soren Moller

Soren was our main assistant researcher. He holds a BA Honours (1st class) and Master of International Studies from the University of Otago. Soren majored in Political Studies, while including Economics, Ecology, Geography and Mathematics in his undergraduate training. His contributions to Ecosystems Consultants have included field survey work, literature review, report writing, statistical analysis and computer simulation. Currently he is working as a consultant in agroecology for the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation and is based in Rome.

Soren Moller.

Fiona Stirling

Fiona works part time as Ecosystems Consultants’ office manager. She also contributes literature review, field work and help with report writing and graphic design. She holds a Diploma of Fine Arts from Canterbury University and taught Art in earlier years. In 2003 she did a Business Administration course and now balances work for Ecosystems Consultants with painting. www.fionastirling.co.nz

Fiona Stirling.

Jens Moller

Jens works for Ecosystems Consultants as a research assistant and field worker. He has a double degree majoring in Statistics and Social Geography.

Jens Moller.

Julian Moller

Julian provides IT support and design, and will contribute computer-aided learning and educational applications designed by Ecosystems Consultants. He works for several companies that provide decision-making support (1000Minds) and e-learning courses (GoSkills).

Julian Moller.

linking up for bigger jobs

Ecosystems Consultants is happy to take a lead contractor role, or subcontract to other research providers and teams as needed. Our home base is in Dunedin, but we are involved in researching and advising throughout New Zealand. We are currently seeking collaborative research links with agricultural and climate change research teams in Australia, the Pacific, Asia, Norway and Denmark. We would consider smaller projects of a day or a week in topics and communities with which we already have direct and recent experience, but our preference is for long-term and transdisciplinary team projects underpinned by government and large business funding.

where is Ecosystems Consultants going?

Henrik Moller retired from the University of Otago in 2014 in order to work fulltime for Ecosystems Consultants. This has allowed us to diversify our portfolio of research and advice, and to take on new staff when necessary. A new project called ‘Flip the Fleet’ uses a citizen science approach to accelerate the uptake of low emission vehicles to help mitigate climate change.

We would enjoy new research of coupled social and ecological systems, and tackling the associated resource use challenges. However, we will also consider advisory roles on boards or steering groups, science writing in formal scholarly journals or popular styles, peer review of other people’s reports, analysis of submissions in planning processes, social survey design, execution and analysis, economic choice modelling, science communication and advocacy roles, Resource Management Act work, and preparation of funding bids for genuinely sustainable proposals.

Ecosystems Consultants.