Supporting business and conservation

The Cape Sanctuary

Ecosystems Consultants seeks projects to support business in conservation and sustainability initiatives. One example is the Cape Sanctuary, the largest privately owned and funded wildlife restoration project of its kind in New Zealand.

Andy and Liz Lowe (Lowe Corporation) and Julian Robertson fund an active ecological restoration programme which depends on maintenance of a predator resistant fence, continuous predator and weed control, replanting and the translocation of threatened species. Henrik Moller serves on the Cape Sanctuary Advisory Board that maintains a strategic and ecological overview of the restoration project and associated educational and conservation advocacy programme.

  • Kids releasing a bird.
  • Coastline.
  • A group of volunteers making nesting boxes.
  • A predator proof fenceline.

Lowe Corporation Ltd.

Contacts for reference:
Dr John McLennan for restoration management and an ecologist’s perspective; Andy Lowe for a business perspective.

Sample publication:

Moller, S.; Moller, H. (2012). Translocation of seabirds to Cape Sanctuary: a summary of progress so far and prospects for the future. Ecosystems Consultants Report No. 2012/01. 22 + v pages.

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